Miami University: Our years of experience has enabled us to accumulate more market resources and channels for student recruitment than any other entity. We now receive 500 applications for our ELC program at Miami University annually. Compared to other language programs, we are the leader in the recruiting industry. The number of students we enroll each year is increasing steadily while we strive to improve the quality of the program and grow our reputation.

The mission of the Miami University Middletown English Language Center is to provide program participants access to the highest quality English as a second language education possible in a safe and optimal learning environment so as to become proficient and even fluent in the language. English is the most widely used language in a large number of fields around the world. Our academic program places an emphasis on every aspect of student growth and development, while meeting state requirements. Suitable class sizes and exceptional, qualified teachers allow us to offer a comfortable and inclusive educational environment, while ensuring each student receives the individualized attention and support they need.

We provide Miami University’s international students with different residential options.  We provide catering services through our own chefs at our dining hall, serving a variety of Chinese food to our students. We also provide special gym facilities to our students to complement their on-campus experience We strive to implement the best health and safety conditions for our students to enable them to focus on their studies. We also actively interact with the parents of our students to assure them of their safety and comfort. Our on-site student life center offers 24-hour emergency support as well as post-studies guidance that includes internships and employment opportunities.

Davis College: Offers a specialized professional training curriculum in the fields of business, medical, education, engineering, project management, digital marketing and logistics & supply chain management among other academic programs. We offer coursework flexibility to ensure program success as well as externship opportunities that provide our students with real-world skills prior to graduation. We also have agreement with four-year US universities for transfer programs that pave the way for students to gain admission while being able to transfer their course credits. Davis College offers collaborations with international colleges and universities for a more global learning experience through its mission of internationalization.

EduGlobal College: Provides English Language programs for international students who are seeking academic and career advancement and specialized in English for Academic Purposes programs (also known as English as Second Language, or ESL, programs) that focus on heling international students acquire the advanced competencies in academic English that will be necessary for them to complete their degree programs. We also offer first-year university courses as well as a Master’s Academic Preparation Program for students who aspire to pursue graduate studies at a Canadian university. EduGlobal College offers an International Undergraduate Pathways Program that equips students with the skills and proficiencies needed for success at the university level and guarantees admission to Algoma University in their second year in an undergraduate program of their choice.